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Seminary Application

Applicants to Machon Chana’s full-time Yeshiva Program must have a High School Diploma and be proficient in the English language.

1. Application

Please have the following information prepared:

  • An essay describing your motivation for applying to Machon Chana, your personal goals for Machon Chana and how you intend to fulfill them (approximately 500 words);

  • Contact information (email & phone) for two references (rabbi, professor, employer, etc.);

  • A recent photograph of yourself;

  • Conversion papers to upload (if relevant).

2. Interview

Upon receipt of the completed application, an in-person or phone interview will be scheduled. At the interview, students will receive further information regarding classes, housing, job opportunities and, if needed, financial aid. Please call 347-200-0632 between 11 am and 5 pm, or 8-10 pm to schedule an interview.

3. Tuition Fees

Upon completion of your application process, including submission of all forms and your interview, you will receive an email from the tuition committee. We are committed to working out tuition arrangements for our accepted students. No accepted student has ever been turned away for financial reasons.

4. Registration Fees

Please pay now $100 registration fees upon submission of the Application Form. Further payment will be scheduled with the office.

5. Medical Form

Please fill  out the form, have your doctor sign it and return to us by email

Returning students

Before beginning this process please be in touch, email us to, or call at (718) 735-0030. Typically we ask returning students to prepare the following:

  • An essay describing your accomplishments at Machon Chana and your personal goals for the upcoming year and how you intend to fulfill them (approximately 500 words);

  • Updated contact information;

  • A recent digital photograph of yourself.

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