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If you fit any of these categories, Machon Chana is the place for you


College Age Students

College teaches you how to make a living, yeshiva teaches you how to live. Spend a year or more in seminary that will teach you the best way to live as a Jewish woman.


Foreign Students

Live too far? Online learning is convenient and a certificate is attainable.


Israeli Backpackers

Finished military service & travels abroad - and looking for meaning, mission and purpose? Spend a year/ term in Yeshiva in Crown Heights to find yourself as a Jewish woman before returning to the Israeli workforce.

Young Professionals

Living and working in the Big Apple or planning to relocate? Machon Chana offers the perfect solution for single Jews: living in a vibrant Jewish community, working, learning and growing spiritually.



Wives & Mothers

Students of all ages take time to immerse in Torah with like minded women at our winter or summer retreat or weekly classes in person or online


Gap Year

Experience authentic

Chassidic life and thought in Machon Chana, located in Crown Heights, the home of Chabad Lubavitch.


Baalot Tshuva

Began the journey and need a Yeshiva education to continue and/or enhance your experience. Dive into the sea of Halacha, the depth of Chassidus, study Torah in the texts and practical application.

Our Students

Women of a wide range of ages and personal professional backgrounds are drawn to Machon Chana as a result of its outstanding reputation for academic excellence, combined with its warm Chassidic atmosphere.


Women studying in Machon Chana range in age, affiliations, financial and professional backgrounds and country of origin, but share a thirst for learning and a quest to grow in their commitment to Torah. The average student is in her early twenties, and post college, but students’ ages range from 18 to single and married women in their thirties to sixties who attend as well. Machon Chana resembles a mini-UN and it is quite common to hear conversations in seven languages simultaneously.


The Machon Chana student body is comprised of approximately 50% international students, including women from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Israel, as well as all over Eastern Europe.


The diversity of cultural and social background of the students creates an unparalleled learning experience. Many of the over 15,000 alumnae of Machon Chana have gone on to occupy senior professional positions in Jewish education and communal service in their communities. In addition, Machon Chana alumnae have become role models of Jewish outreach professionals, filling the need for Jewish continuity.

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