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Life at Machon Chana

Providing Everything You Need


Machon Chana’s main campus is housed at its beautiful new facility located at 556 Crown Street (between Kingston and Albany) in the heart and warmth of the Crown Heights Jewish community of Brooklyn, NY. It is just a 25-minute subway ride from the cultural opportunities of Manhattan and within walking distance of the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Public Library, and the lovely Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.n "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to edit the content and make sure to add any relevant information that you want to share with your visitors.



Classes run from Sunday to Thursday, mornings & evenings, full time & part time.


Farbrengens are essential to spiritual growth and an integral part of the learning process. Farbrengens will be held on a weekly basis featuring renowned guest lecturers.



Affordable, comfortable accommodations in the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Single and shared rooms, furnished, kitchen and living room.


Warm healthy and delicious breakfast, lunches and supper are cooked daily and served in our beautiful school’s kitchen.



We arrange Shabbos & Yom Tov meals at families, with one Friday night meal shared together every three weeks in our Lounge.


In the library you have access to a wide range of books on Chassidus, Halacha, Jewish home, Jewish History, among others.



Shuls are on premises for those preferring to stay home (Bais Levy Yitzchak, Merkaz Sfarad, Beinoni Shul).


The greatest joy comes with relief of resolving doubts. Having a mashpia’s guidance is invaluable, be it in the matters of Avodas HaShem or other important life decisions. Our Rabbis and school’s mashpia are sensitive, insightful and readily available to assist.

Folding Clothes


Laundry is easy since you have the option of doing it without leaving the building in our exclusive space for the students.


In the school you have access to our studio where you could practice make-up, sheitel-hair styling, Pilates, yoga, dance or do exercise.

Our Services

Housing Assistance

Machon Chana helps women find apartments and roommates in the Crown Heights neighborhood. For the many non-residents and newcomers, this service is indispensable.


With sensitivity and experience, Machon Chana staff and mashpiim (mentors) help current students and alumnae to find appropriate shidduchim by introducing them to local Shadchanim. The Shadchanim network with Chabad centers throughout the world is active on a regular basis, interviewing men and women (potential shidduchim) from all walks of life. Working together with the Shadchanim, Machon Chana staff assist in introducing, mediating, and generally smoothing the process, and have been very successful in this important work.

Job Placement

Many Machon Chana attendees seek part-time employment on week-ends and evenings. Our staff endeavors to assist our students in finding employment that is suitable for their skills and talents. We are also involved in helping our students find summer jobs and work after graduation.

The warm Crown Heights community, world Chabad Lubavitch headquarters, conveniently located close to Manhattan, is a perfect ‘learning-lab’ for practical Yiddishkeit and genuine Chassidishkeit. Spirituality is palpable in the Rebbe’s community and a newcomer becomes enveloped in the warmth and enthusiasm of the environment and is able to soak in the spirituality that only Crown Heights has. Keeping kosher and Shabbos is easy. Jewish books are extremely accessible, role models, mentors and teachers par excellence are available. New arrivals to Machon Chana are immediately welcomed into homes, and invited for Shabbos. Many become one of the family.

Through their Yeshiva experience, young women who attend Machon Chana are automatically plugged into the community, gleaning insights and strengths from other baalei-tshuva who have gone through similar experiences. They come in contact with experts in all fields of Chassidic academia, gaining access to people who can give them thorough and thoughtful answers to their questions as well as access to a network of friends and mentors that are necessary to succeed in their new path.

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