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Welcome to the Chana Club, a group of Machon Chana alumnae that are committed to support Machon Chana "Raising the Rebbe's daughters".

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Dollarof the Rebbe

Join the Chana Club by ב ניסן - April 10
to be entered in a raffle on a Dollar of the Rebbe

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Letter from
the Director

Dear Alumna and Friend, Tichye,


Do you remember when you first arrived at Machon Chana, searching for direction, thirsting for truth?


Do you remember the welcoming smiles, the excitement of discovering truth, the meaningful conversations that forged lifelong bonds and beliefs, and the warm enveloping feeling of peace and homecoming? 


‏Years or perhaps decades have passed, but memories linger and nachas abounds. You surely feel gratitude to Machon Chana for guiding you to a Torah-filled, meaningful life. 


The Rebbe wanted the best for you - one of his chosen daughters - a comfortable home, tasty food, a warm atmosphere, and a well-rounded Chassidishe education taught by caring mentors and excellent teachers who cared about your safety and future.


Many young women today are searching for direction and thirsting for truth as you did. They, too, deserve to become a Rebbitzen Chana's daughter, receive a Machon Chana education, and reap nachas. Our yeshiva and post-seminary programs currently serve dozens of young women, regardless of their ability to pay.


We have launched a campaign to help cover our operating expenses, particularly teacher’s salaries. We are asking you for a monthly contribution of any amount to support the stability and growth of our programs. 


Two generous alumna have pledged a 100% match of your first monthly contribution to kickstart our campaign! Please honor our dear Rebbe who instituted our school and named it in honor of his mother, Rebbitzen Chana, and pledge generously!


‏The Rebbe encouraged us to be Maalin B’kodesh, constantly increasing in holiness. The Torah promises Aaser T’aser - give tzedaka and you will increase your wealth, your health, and hatzlacha!

S. Labkowski

Sara Labkowski 

Founder & Director

Join your sisters throughout the world in supporting Machon Chana

The amounts below are only suggestions connected to חנה-63. Click the 'Other Amount' option to choose an amount that works best for you! You can opt out any time by simply emailing us at

  • Chana Weekly

    Every month
    $6.3/week x 4 (63 = gematria חנה)
  • Chana Monthly

    Every month
    63 = gematria חנה
  • Double with Chana

    Every month
    63 x 2 (gematria חנה)

About the Initiative

With the opening of the Chana Club there will be an effort to offer more programs and opportunities for alumnae to connect with one another, and gradually grow into more areas.

Along with the opening of the Chana Club, Machon Chana is excited to announce the launching of a new Monthly Farbrengen with an esteemed rabbi, a gathering aimed to enable alumnae to connect with one another, and gain close access to a rabbi that will focus on answering the topics and questions most relevant to your lives!

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