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Machon Chana Women’s Institute

Full-time study, Sunday through Thursday mornings in the best all-girls’ Seminary outside Israel. Top faculty and scholars from the Chabad community as your teachers. Dormitory facilities adjacent to classrooms. Small classes and girls from North America and other countries mean personal attention and new friends. Evening programs, Shabbatons and field trips will infuse your learning with joy, practice & depth in a vibrant functioning Chassidic community. After 2 years, you will have a prestigious Seminary Diploma, deep grounding to lead a Jewish life, and new friends: a network of support for the rest of your life.


Bellevue University

Take online classes and do all your assignments studying at your own pace afternoons and evenings. Choose among various Bachelor Degree programs at this respected, accredited university. (Business Administration and Behavioral Science majors have added support through YIEP.) Bellevue accepts 67 credits toward your BA or BS from Machon Chana Seminary. You add 60 online credits to complete BS requirements from Bellevue courses. Graduate students wishing to pursue an MBA may also take 30 online credits through Bellevue University and 6 credits through Machon Chana. Bellevue has excellent faculty and counselors to help you plan your studies, apply for financial aid. Your world will have been broadened, your 2 years will have be filled with learning and growth – and you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next in your life!


 Meet the Matchmaker of our Dual Degree Program: Yeshiva Initiatives Education Program (YIEP)

The YIEP was founded by Rabbis seeing the pressures on Jewish students to continue deep Jewish education for leadership and community – while at the same time, earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in their chosen profession. Their innovative solution is to build strategic partnerships between quality universities and Jewish education institutions to offer Jewish students a way to use their time, funds and effort with great value. They said: It is the concern for the Klal that motivates our activities…Our innovative programs were designed to meet the needs of adults seeking to complete their degrees while balancing work, family and civic responsibilities. Our programs have been geared to optimize participation from individuals wherever they may reside and work, United States, Canada, Israel, and beyond… [Their] Judaic knowledge, Yeshiva or Seminary transcripts or college credits can be applied toward a bachelor’s degree completion at Bellevue University. Machon Chana Women’s Institute is delighted to partner with the YIEP and Bellevue University, offering the highest quality education opportunities to our women students. Explore YIEP values, degree programs, student support services.

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