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Welcome to Machon Chana

Women’s Institute for the Study of Judaism

The First Baal Teshuva Yeshiva for Women in America!


"Anyone who suspects me of being prejudiced towards Machon Chana is right!"

- Rebbe, a sicha in honor of a Machon Chana dinner.



Machon Chana’s intense two-year full-time Yeshiva offers a comprehensive Jewish education through lectures, skill building classes and tutorials. Courses include: Chumash, Jewish Law, Jewish History,  Chassidut, Prophets, and Jewish Home. Machon Chana offers part-time learning throughout the year for those who are unable to attend full-time yeshiva. Short-term and part-time daily classes are available for women of all ages and levels of learning and commitment within the framework of our regular Yeshiva Program.


Evening Program

Whether seeking continuing education, or to join a seminary for the first time, our night program attracts women of all ages and from around the city. Perfectly suited for the working woman, classes range from Kabbalah & Chassidic discourses to practical Halachic & marriage readiness as well as offering a one on one study partner.

Sunday Program

Created for the working woman, student, young mother or other busy women who love learning, but cannot afford full time study. Great way to begin the week with a spiritual boost and receive inspiration to carry on throughout the week. The program attracts women of different ages and levels from community leaders to newly observant, from middle aged to young adults.



Summer Yeshivacation

6 weeks of learning, self-discovery, and personal growth during summer break. It is a comprehensive study program in Judaic thought and life, through the lens of Torah and Chassidic teachings for both college students and women of all ages who want to start their journey to Judaism.

Winter Yeshivacation

Ten-day intensive journey of learning, self-discovery and personal growth. Fascinating classes, lectures and hands-on workshops will give the beginner to advanced learner new insights into their spiritual roots, Torah and Mitzvos a profound awakening of their spiritual side..


Learning is a continuous life process. Whether you’ve graduated seminary lately or many years ago, or never had a chance to study in a yeshiva, our online adult education enrichment program is for anyone seeking academic advancement, spiritual growth, inspiration or just learning Torah lishma. Wonderful choice of classes with the very top teaching staff. No need to travel- study in the comfort of your home and no need to take off from work or school- study whenever you want. No age or background barriers either.



Machon Chana Women’s Institute partners with the YIEP and Bellevue University, offering the highest quality education opportunities to our women students.


Take Jewish studies in the morning and online afternoon classes at Bellevue.


Machon Chana's alumnae have built thousands of beautiful Jewish  Homes in 20 countries, and more than 50 cities worldwide. Become a Machon Chana student and join the Family!

Machon Chana - Testimonials

Machon Chana Institution has been a powerful learning experience for me over summer 2017 in NYC. Well-structured, intense curriculum with great Rabbis, Rebbetzens, Madrichot and females from all around the world, exciting field trips and weekends away with Jewish families of different communities add great value to one's life perspective. Exploratory journey into my family roots I undertook was thoughtfully guided by Rebbetzen Labkowski and Rabbi Green, whose personal input largely contributed to major linage discoveries of my grand Shneersons' family heritage.

Inna Leah Kunina, Linguist, St. Petersburg, Russia

Machon Chana 50th Jubilee

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